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A Poem A Day with Clara Meister

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When in 2012, Nico and I talked about utopias and the related Utopia Station exhibition, our conversation quickly turned towards his poster A Poem A Day (2003). Very soon our verbal exchange turned into an idea, a plan, an open invitation to friends, asking them to respond to this idea of a poem for every day of the year. Open in the sense that poetry—especially in daily situations—can happen at every moment and in all possible forms and disguises. Our daily hustle and bustle is often too loud and too fast for subtle observations or quiet thoughts. It assigned strolling and whispering the role of their poor cousins of everyday life. But it is exactly their shyness and elegance that may turn a moment of attention into a lasting impression. When a neon light is reflected in a puddle, when crumpled pages are opened and read aloud, when a saying is drawn as a witty sketch, or when a note becomes a song. Then you may pause for a while for all these forms of poetry around you. And so the invitation turned into poems, a calendar, a performance, and now this exhibition. A poem a day keeps indifference away.

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