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Koen Vanmechelen launches Arena de Evolucion, 7 december 2013

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Related to his participation in the XII Bienal de la Habana, Koen Vanmechelen launched on December 7 in Hasselt at the Open University of Diversity his project in the ‘Arena de Evolucion’.

Koen Vanmechelen hosts the official kick-off of his new Cuban project, Arena de EvoluciĆ³n. In the Cuban capital of Havana, Vanmechelen creates a two-fold in-situ installation: on the one hand an arena with Cubalayas (the national chickens of Cuba) and on the other a library in which knowledge can be archived but generated as well. To nurture this LOCK (Library of Collected Knowledge) the artist will launch a scientific program with four different arenas: diversity, immunity, fertility and ethics. Each arena is a hub in which scientists and thinkers from different fields, disciplines and nations come together to debate on a set of issues. The apotheosis will be a symposium during the 2015 Cuba biennial.

To officially launch this initiative, a symposium will be held at the Open University of Diversity, highlighting the core themes of the project. Each theme will be explored from both an artistic and a scientific viewpoint, thus encouraging cross-pollination between the two fields.


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